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We have several different kinds of recurring events:

Bromery Lectures

The Bromery Lecture is a weekly departmental seminar series during the fall and spring semester. It is made possible through the R.W. Bromery Fund. It allows distinguished scientists to delivery lectures/seminars on relevant research in the field of earth and planetary sciences.

See a list of upcoming Bromery Lectures

 Journal Club

The Journal Club is held on a weekly basis during the academic year. The intent of Journal Club is twofold.  It informs the faculty and the Department on the research topic and research progress of each student.  It also provides an environment for students to develop and hone a mature and professional style of delivering research talks.

Through Journal Club, both faculty and students develop an appreciation of research in other areas and also develop an opinion of the scientific strength of students not in their immediate area of research.  

See a list of upcoming Journal Club meetings

Special Lectures

These lectures are rotated on an annual basis. They are made possible through departmental endowments by various donors. It allows highly distinguished scientists to dissiminate relevant hot topics in the field of earth and planetary sciences.


Watch videos from past lectures and presentation

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