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African Climate Workshop

Climate Dynamics of Tropical Africa:
present understanding and future directions
Sponsored by Ernst Cloos Memorial Funds

November 15 & 16, 2012
Mason Hall Auditorium, Homewood Campus

This one and a half day invitational event was devoted to presentations, panel responses, and full group discussions designed to promote cross-fertilization between research programs and to inspire future collaborations. Topics included: global and regional drivers of African climate variability, utilizing and enhancing the modern observational record, applications of climate dynamics to paleoclimate studies, and the challenge of projecting future climate conditions.


The first day of talks and discussions in the African Climate Workshop was followed by a poster session and reception in Olin Hall and then a dinner for the speakers at The Dizz a local restaurant.  The lively poster session provided a chance for participants to present and discuss their work in detail.  E&PS students and postdocs were well represented.  Chloe Gao (senior E&PS undergraduate major), Alexi Russell (2nd year graduate student), Fisseha Berhane (2nd year graduate student), Hamada Badr (2nd year graduate student), Amin Dezfuli (PIM Postdoctoral Fellow) and Zelalem Bedaso (Blaustein Postdoctoral Fellow) all presented posters on their research related to African Climate.

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Workshop on the Climate Dynamics of Tropical Africa -

All panel sessions will be held in Mason Hall Auditorium on the Homewood Campus of Johns Hopkins University. 

November 15, 2012

8:30-9:00: Coffee and Breakfast

9:00-9:15: Welcome (KSAS Dean Katherine Newman and E&PS Chair Thomas Haine)

9:15-10:45: Large scale dynamics affecting African Climate

Keynote: Alessandra Giannini (IRI)

Moderator: Ben Zaitchik; Panelists: Zewdu Segele, Dan Steinhoff, Randy Koster

10:45-11:15: Coffee Break

11:15-12:45: Tropical Dynamics

Keynote: Sharon Nicholson (FSU)

Moderator: Amin Dezfuli; Panelists: Michela Biasutti, Paul Dirmeyer, Andy Hoell

12:45-2:00: Lunch

2:00-3:30: Regional Simulations for Impacts Analysis-Bromery Lecture

Keynote: Kerry Cook (UT Austin)

Moderator: Anand Gnanadesikan; Panelists: Norman Miller, Marc Marcella, Paul Block

3:30-4:00: Coffee Break

4:00-5:30: Paleoclimate

Keynote: Bette Otto-Bliesner (NCAR)

Moderator: Naomi Levin; Panelists: Sarah Feakins, Isla Castañeda, Natalie Burls

November 16, 2012

8:30-9:00: Coffee and breakfast

9:00-10:30: Future climate

Keynote: Chris Funk (UC Santa Barbara)

Moderator: Darryn Waugh; Panelists: Justin Sheffield, Richard Anyah, Paul Dirmeyer

10:30-11:00: Coffee Break

11:00-12:30: Observation Networks Panel and Closing/Next Steps

Keynote: Tufa Dinku (IRI)

Moderator: Zelalem Bedaso; Panelists: Andy Nyblade, Martha Anderson, Kelly Caylor, Charles Ichoku

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Poster List:

PresenterPoster title
Alexi RussellUnderstanding multi-decadal changers in ENSO amplitude
Amin DezfuliDriving factors of rainfall variability in western equatorial Africa
during boreal spring & autumn
Andrew NybladeAfricaArray:  An environmental monitoring network and
geoscience capacity building initiative for Africa
Bette Otto-BliesnerEvaluation of the structure of the monsoon over West Africa
in the CMIP5 simulations for past, present, and future
Bronwen KoneckyPoster 1: Mid-Holocene Climate Change in Tropical Africa:
Insights from Proxies and CCSM3
Poster 2: Hydrogen Isotopic Response to Late Pleistocene
Climate Change at Lake Malawi, Africa
Choe GaoAfrican Air Mass Trajectories
Chris FunkTBA
Daniel SteinhoffHybrid Dynamic-Statistical Downscaling over West Nile,
Uganda to Support Human Plague Modeling
Fisseha BerhaneSub-seasonal analysis of precipitation variability in the
Blue Nile River basin
Hamada BadrStatistical Predictive Models for Seasonal Rainfall
Anomalies over Sahel
Isla CastanedaContinental and sea surface temperature variability
in southeast Africa (Zambezi River region) since MIS 3
Karen MohrBuilding a Better Rainfall Product for Africa:  The
Challenge of Constraining Land Surface Emissivity Estimates
Keir SoderburgEvapotranspiration partitioning in a semi-arid
African savanna using stable isotopes of water vapor
Natalie BurlsStrengthening Sea Surface Temperature Gradients
and Changes in African Rainfall over the Last 5 Million Years
Paul BlockTBA
Sarah FeakinsPliocene northeast African vegetation change
Weston AndersonTowards an integrated soil moisture drought monitor
for East Africa
Zelalem BedasoWater isotope studies in precipitation: An integrated
evaluation of moisture source for Ethiopian rainfall
Zewdu SegelePoster 1: Effects of Basin-Wide SST Variation on
Horn of Africa Rainfall
Poster 2: Ensemble-Based Statistical Prediction of
Ethiopian Monthly-to-Seasonal Kiremt Rainfall

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Particapant List:

Al ArkingJohns Hopkins University
Alessandra GianniniIRI/Columbia University
Alexi RussellJohns Hopkins University
Amanda ArmstrongGoddard Space Flight Center
Amin DezfuliJohns Hopkins University
Anand GnanadesikanJohns Hopkins University
Andrew NybladePennsylvania State University
Andy HoellUniversity of California - Santa Barbara
April VolkeJohns Hopkins University
Ben ZaitchikJohns Hopkins University
Bette Otto-BliesnerNational Center for Atmospheric Research
Bradley DoornNational Aeoronautics and Space Administration
Bronwen KoneckyBrown University
Catherine PomposiColumbia University
Charles GatebeNational Aeoronautics and Space Administration
Charles IchokuGoddard Space Flight Center
Choe GaoJohns Hopkins University
Chris FunkUniversity of California - Santa Barbara
Ciaran HarmanJohns Hopkins University
Daniel SteinhoffNational Center for Atmospheric Research
Darryn WaughJohns Hopkins University
Emmanuel BraceJohns Hopkins University
Ernest WangJohns Hopkins University
Fisseha BerhaneJohns Hopkins University
Greg HenkesJohns Hopkins University
Hamada BadrJohns Hopkins University
Isla CastanedaUniversity of Massachusetts - Amherst
Jared EntinNational Aeoronautics and Space Administration
Jinyu ZhangJohns Hopkins University
Julie ShortridgeJohns Hopkins University
Justin SheffieldPrinceton University
Karen MohrGoddard Space Flight Center
Katie RanhornGeorge Washington University
Keir SoderburgPrinceton University
Kelly CaylorPrinceton University
Kerry CookUniversity of Texas - Austin
Linda HinnovJohns Hopkins University
Lola FatoyinboGoddard Space Flight Center
Marc MarcellaMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Maria Elena FigueroaJohns Hopkins University
Martha AndersonUnited States Department of Agriculture
Michela BiasuttiLDEO/Columbia University
Molly BrownGoddard Space Flight Center
Naomi LevinJohns Hopkins University
Natalie BurlsYale University
Ning ZengUniversity of Maryland
Norman MillerLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Paul BlockDrexel University
Paul DirmeyerCenter for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies
Raj GoswamiJohns Hopkins University
Randy KosterGoddard Space Flight Center
Richard AnyahUniversity of Connecticut
Sarah DalglishJohns Hopkins University
Sarah FeakinsUniversity of Southern California
Sharon NicholsonFlorida State University
Shuning LiJohns Hopkins University
Sophie LehmannJohns Hopkins University
Tesfay WoldemariamUnited States Department of Agriculture
Thando NdaranaSouth African Weather Service
Tom HaineJohns Hopkins University
Tufa DinkuIRI/Columbia University
Tugrul YilmazUnited States Department of Agriculture
Weston AndersonJohns Hopkins University
Zelalem BedasoJohns Hopkins University
Zewdu SegeleUniversity of Oklahoma

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