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Naomi Levin awarded Subaru Outstanding Woman in Science Award

In partnership with Subaru and in memory of Doris M.Curtis, GSA makes an annual Outstanding Woman in Science Award as a means to encourage women in the geosciences. The Woman in Science Award is awarded to a woman that has impacted the field of geosciences in a major way based on their Ph.D. research. Woman are eligible for the first 3 years following her degree. Doris Curtis was GSA's 103rd President. Her popularity was widespread and she pioneered many new directions for geology, not the least of which was her tenure as GSA President after an unbroken chain of 102 men. Causes dear to Doris were women, public awareness, minorities and education.

John Ferry to receive Distinguished Geologic Career Award

The MGPV award will go to an individual who, throughout his/her career, has made distinguished contributions in one or more of the following fields of research:mineralogy, geochemistry, petrology, volcanology, with emphasis on multidisciplinary, field-based contributions. This award emphasizes a geologic and multidisciplinary approach. Geologic work is by nature generalistic and has an important field component, with Earth as the natural laboratory.

Peter Olson Awarded the Petrus Peregrinus Medal of the  European Geosciences Union

Peter Olson has been awarded the Petrus Peregrinus Medal of the European Geosciences Union. This medal has been established in recognition of the scientific achievements of Petrus Peregrinus to honour outstanding scientists  whose work is related to Magnetism and Palaeomagnetism. The award will be presented to Dr. Olson during the General Assembly of the Union to be held during April 3-8, 2011 in Vienna, Austria where they will highlight Dr. Olson's impressive accomplishments to the whole geosciences community.



Graduate student wins best presentation award for second year

Lijun Xia has wont The Best Student Oral Presentation Award in the Biogeosciences section at the recent meeting of the Canadian Geophysical Union in Banff. The title of her presentation was "Soil Respiration Responses to Temperature are Affected by Substrate Supply and Earthworm Activities". Last year Lijun won the Best Student Oral Presentation Award given by the Soil Ecology Section of the Ecological Society of America. Lijun's talk, entitled "Combined Effects of Forest Age, Litter Quality and Earthworm Abundance on Soil C Efflux" was given August 2010 at the ESA Annual Meeting inPittsburgh. Congratulations Lijun, keep up the good work!


 Smithsonian Graduate Student Fellowship

Chih-Han Chang is among the recipients of a Smithsonian Graduate Student Fellowship. The award provides 10 week support for graduate students who have not yet taken their GBO's. Recipients will conduct research at a Smithsonian facility. Chih-Han will share his time between two institutions this summer: the National Museum of Natural History and its Suitland facilities, and the Smithsonian Environmental Reserch Center in Edgewater. Congratulations!




New Dinosaur Species Named for Johns Hopkins Postdoc

A new species of dinosaur discovered near Green River, Utah,has been named for a Johns Hopkins University postdoctoral student and her twin sister whose geology work while they were graduate students at Temple
University helped define the new species.To read more go to



EPS Exhibit on the USA Science and Engineering Expo                                                  

More than 500,000 people visited the USA Science and EngineeringExpo on Oct 23-24, 2010 on the National Mall ( Four booths, set up by Johns Hopkins, were among the 1500 hands-on exhibits. The theme of the IDIES (Institute of Data Intensive Engineering and Science) tent was “The Expanding Data Universe: From Galaxies to Sensor Networks”.  The two activities by EPS demonstrated two major parts of the global carbon cycle: CO2 uptake the plants and respiration. Kids and adults equally enjoyed blowing into the CO2 sensors and measuring the CO2 concentration against the global average and background levels in the Mall. The exhibit also featured a large screen with 3D visualization movies of the Universe. We had a steady stream of visitors of all ages. It was hard but rewarding work. Many thanks for EPS graduate students Chih-Han Chang, Scott Pitz and Lijun Xia, and the students at the Dept of Physics and Astronomy for volunteering their time!





Recent Graduates


Thando Ndarana and his Advisor Darryn Waugh
Presented his Thesis in October, 2010

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