Congratulations Anand Gnanadesikan

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Anand Gnanadesikan

Dr. Anand Gnanadesikan has been promoted to full professor with tenure in Earth & Planetary Sciences!

Anand is a leading authority on Earth system dynamics and modeling. His overarching research goal is to understand how the many components of the Earth system interact to produce the variability we observe in modern climate. He mainly focuses on physical and biogeochemical interactions in the ocean, although he also considers atmospheric, cryospheric, and land interactions. His many seminal contributions have elucidated mixing processes in the ocean as they influence circulation, geochemistry, and the climate system; biogeochemical cycles including the global carbon cycle; and ocean dynamics involving the Antarctic Circumpolar Current. He has also published noteworthy papers on such diverse topics as iron fertilization of ocean biota, ocean color, mantle helium degassing, and ice sheets. Anand vigorously engages in all aspects of departmental teaching and admirably serves his University, field, and local community.