Two members of the Department awarded prestigious 51 Pegasi B Fellowship

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Two members of the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences are among the eight young scientists awarded the 51 Pegasi B Fellowship in Planetary Astronomy by the Heising-Simons Foundation.

  • Xinting Yu, a member of Prof. Sarah Hörst’s research group who recently defended her dissertation on the properties of exotic materials on Titan, will take the fellowship to the University of California, Santa Cruz. There she will examine signals of clouds, fog, dust, and haze coming from extrasolar planets under the direction of Prof. Xi Zhang.
  • Jessica Spake, a visiting graduate student with Prof. David Sing, will be taking the fellowship to Caltech, where she will explore what helium detection can unveil about extreme atmospheric conditions in exoplanets under the direction of Prof. Heather Knutson (a former JHU undergraduate in physics).

Congratulations to both Xinting and Jessica!