Camp Singewald

Camp Singewald is located in Clear Spring, Maryland, which is between Hagerstown and Hancock, Maryland, in the Bear Pond Mountains—the heart of the Appalachians. The stratigraphic section reaches from pre-Cambrian gneisses into the Pennsylvanian and Triassic. Within easy reach of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and U.S. 40, the camp is off the beaten path, surrounded by 10 acres of meadow and woodland, and was given to what is now the Morton K. Blaustein Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences by its alumni and friends of Joseph T. Singewald, Jr.

The camp was initially used as a summer field camp for the department, which required acceptance for admission along with prerequisites and preparation. The intent was to provide the students with a general knowledge of Appalachian geology and to teach geological mapping. Instruction included use of plane table and alidade; geological observation; recognition of rocks in the field; detailed structural mapping; sketching; tracing of boundaries and contacts; compass traverses; measuring of sections; and construction of profiles. Each student was expected to complete the course by producing a complete geological map and report of a small area working independently before leaving the camp.


Camp consists of eight buildings:

  • Main house – log construction – used for sleeping; the only building where cooking is allowed
  • Two small houses
  • Bath house – cinder block construction
  • Teaching classroom – cinder block construction
  • Spring house – log construction
  • Pump house– log construction
  • Two-story wooden-frame house – used for sleeping only
  • Two latrines (outhouses)