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Benjamin Zaitchik

Assistant Professor

Olin Hall 222
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Zaitchik’s research is directed at understanding, managing, and coping with climatic and hydrologic variability. Understanding variability requires examination of the natural processes that drive climate and surface change. Managing variability relates to our ability to control anthropogenic influences on climate and hydrology at the local, regional, and global scales. Coping with variability includes improved forecast systems and methods of risk assessment. In each of these areas of research he employs a combination of observation-both in situ and remotely sensed-and numerical modeling techniques.

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Linking Seasonal Predictions into Decision-making and Disaster Management in the Greater Horn of Africa

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The Madden–Julian Oscillation’s Influence on Spring Rainy Season Precipitation over Equatorial West Africa*

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Empirical streamflow simulation for water resource management in data-scarce seasonal watersheds

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A Review of Drought in the Middle East and Southwest Asia

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The question of Sudan: a hydro-economic optimization model for the Sudanese Blue Nile

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Determining Particulate Matter and Black Carbon Exfiltration Estimates for Traditional Cookstove Use in Rural Nepalese Village Households

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A meta-analysis of plant facilitation in coastal dune systems: responses, regions, and research gaps

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