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EPS students and faculty release statement and action plan opposing anti-Black racism

We, the members of the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, vehemently oppose our society’s systemic oppression of and violence against Black people. From the roots of slavery to the mass incarceration and police brutality that continue to this day, the history of the United States is steeped in the suppression of Black lives and […]

EPS alum named CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar

One of our recent PhD graduates, Jihua Hao (JHU, 2017), who worked with Dimitri Sverjensky, has been selected as one of 19 new Global Scholars in the CIFAR Azrieli program which covers the sciences and humanities. Jihua has just started a faculty position at the University of Science and Technology (USTC) in Hefei, China earlier […]

EPS student authors paper highlighting helium rain on Saturn

Graduate student Chi Yan has authored a paper in AGU Advances along with adviser Sabine Stanley. The project uses numerical simulations of Saturn’s magnetic dynamo to explore the thermal structure and possible chemical composition of the planet’s interior, with results suggesting the presence of a thick, stably stratified helium rain-out layer. JHU HUB covers the […]

EPS grad student’s equity work is highlighted in Physics Today

Since 2019, EPS student Miché Aaron has had a leadership role in the Women+ of Color Project, an alliance that supports women and gender-nonconforming people of color in their pursuit of graduate education in STEM fields. Miché and her trailblazing efforts in the WOCP have recently been profiled in Physics Today. Congratulations, Miché!