Department News

Glenadore and Howard L. Pim Postdoctoral Fellowship in Global Change

The Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences at Johns Hopkins University invites applications for the Glenadore and Howard L. Pim Postdoctoral Fellowship in Global Change. We seek an outstanding individual with a recent Ph.D. who is pursuing interdisciplinary research in Global Change. Candidates whose research spans the natural sciences, social sciences, health sciences and/or public […]

Dean’s Teaching Fellowship Awarded to two EP&S researchers

Assistant Research Scientist Chao He and Postdoctoral Fellow Viranga Perera have been awarded the Dean’s Postdoctoral Science Teaching Fellowship for the Fall of 2019. Candidates for the Fellowship propose an undergraduate course, for which they then teach two sections. Dr. He’s course “Astrobiology: The chemical evolution of life on earth and beyond” will ask students […]

JHU Scientists Find New Science Instrument on Mars Curiosity Rover

The Curiosity Rover may have been ambling around the Gale Crater on Mars for nearly seven years but a group at Johns Hopkins University has just found a way to use it for something new: making the first surface gravity measurements on a planet other than Earth.