Graduate Students

  • Miché Aaron

    Miché Aaron

    Main Adviser: Sabine Stanley

  • Regupathi Angappan

    Regupathi Angappan

    Research Interests:  Planetary Magnetism, Magnetic Field Observations, Dynamo Theory, Magnetohydrodynamics, Planetary Interiors, Planetary Magnetospheres, Geophysics Fluid Dynamics, Science Education, Science Outreach, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion in Science

    Main Adviser: Sabine Stanley

  • Iona Baillie

    Iona Baillie

    Research Interests:  Earth history, Ediacaran-Cambrian transition, sedimentology, stable isotope geochemistry 

    Main Adviser: Emmy Smith

  • Naomi Becker

    Naomi Becker (she/her)

    Research Interests:  Subduction, tectonics, geochemistry

    Main Adviser: Daniel Viete

  • Katherine Bennett

    Katherine Bennett (she/her)

    Research Interests:  Exoplanet atmospheres, planetary evolution, biosignatures, mission development

    Main Adviser: David Sing

  • Joan Bonilla-Pagan

    Main Adviser: Thomas Haine

  • Bianca Corpuz

    Bianca Corpuz

    Research Interests:  climate and health, remote sensing, geospatial analysis, epidemiology, machine learning, environmental justice

    Main Adviser: Ben Zaitchik

  • Victoria Da Poian

    Victoria Da Poian

    Research Interests:  Data analysis, Machine Learning, Mass Spectrometry, Ocean Worlds, Life Detection

    Main Adviser: Sarah Hörst

  • Jackie Dodd

  • Sandupal Dutta

    Sandupal Dutta

    Research Interests:  Physical Oceanography, Remote Sensing, Data Analysis and Machine Learning

    Main Adviser: Anand Gnanadesikan

  • Sophia Economon

    Sophia Economon

    Research Interests:  Astrobiology, aqueous geochemistry, origins of life, astrophysics, prebiotic chemistry, icy moons, subsurface life, geothermal systems

    Main Adviser: Dimitri Sverjensky

  • Ali Eyni

    Ali Eyni

    Research Interests:  Urban climate, Multi criteria decision making, game theory

    Main Adviser: Ben Zaitchik

  • Junellie Gonzalez Quiles

    Junellie Gonzalez Quiles

    Main Adviser: June Wicks

  • Elle Hanson

    Elle Hanson (she/her)

    Research Interests:  Cloud microphysics on other planets, cloud modeling, remote sensing of clouds

    Main Adviser: Darryn Waugh

  • Kalev Hantsoo

    Kalev Hantsoo

    Research Interests:  biogeochemical cycles; paleoclimate; chemical oceanography

    Main Adviser: Maya Gomes

  • Tanish Himani

    Tanish Himani

    Research Interests:  Lunar Volatiles; Radar Science; Remote Sensing; Planetary Water-Ice

    Main Adviser: Kevin Lewis

  • Wenrui Jiang

    Wenrui Jiang

    Research Interests:  Submesoscale dynamics, Lagrangian particle, AMOC

    Main Adviser: Thomas Haine

  • Rui Jin

    Rui Jin

    Research Interests:  Coastal Modeling, Biogeochemical Cycles, Machine Learning, Remote Sensing

    Main Adviser: Anand Gnanadesikan

  • Sabrina Kahn

    Sabrina Kahn (she/her/hers)

    Research Interests:  Planetary Geology, Planetary Surface Processes, Geomorphology, Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Science Policy, Science Outreach, Science Communication, Diversity and Inclusion

    Main Adviser: Kevin Lewis

  • Beck Klein

    Beck Klein (she/her)

    Research Interests:  Soil microarthropods, soil chemistry, agroecology, and ecosystem ecology 

    Main Adviser: Kathy Szlavecz

  • Gin Li

    Gin Li

    Main Adviser: June Wicks

  • Smriti Pehim Limbu

    Smriti Pehim Limbu (she/her)

    Research Interests:  Experimental/observational studies and data synthesis on how global change affects plant productivity, functional traits, community composition, and plant-microbe mutualism.

    Main Adviser: Meghan Avolio

  • Mary Lonsdale

    Mary Lonsdale (she/her)

    Research Interests:  sedimentary geology; Earth history; stable isotope geochemistry; Precambrian; Cambrian

    Main Adviser: Emmy Smith

  • Jamie Miller

    Jamie Miller

    Main Adviser: Kevin Lewis

  • Kabir Mohammed

    Kabir Mohammed (he/him)

    Research Interests:  Microbial sulfate reduction, Earth history, stable isotope geochemistry, biogeochemical cycling

    Main Adviser: Maya Gomes

  • Tyler Perez

    Tyler Perez

    Research Interests:  Mineral physics, laser compression, planetary interiors, material properties at high pressures

    Main Adviser: June Wicks

  • Cara Pesciotta

    Cara Pesciotta (she/her)

    Research Interests:  Planetary atmospheres, laboratory chemistry, astrobiology

    Main Adviser: Sarah Horst

  • Michael Radke

    Michael Radke

    Main Adviser: Sarah Horst

  • Supratik Roy

    Supratik Roy

    Research Interests:  Metamorphic Petrology, Structural Geology, Tectonics

    Main Adviser: Daniel Viete

  • Zafar Rustamkulov

    Zafar Rustamkulov

    Research Interests:  Measuring the atmospheric composition of gas giant exoplanets with space-based telescopes to learn more about their climate, chemistry, and interior

    Main Adviser: David Sing

  • Mayuri Sadhasivan

    Research Interests:  Earth and Ice Giant Dynamos

  • Leafia Sheraden Cox

    Leafia Sheraden Cox

    Research Interests:  Physical sedimentology, planetary analog studies, geophysics, dust deposition on Mars, and the physics of aerosols

    Main Adviser: Kevin Lewis

  • Beatriz Shobe

    Beatriz Shobe (she/her)

    Research Interests:  Urban Ecology, Urban Forests, Forest Patch Dynamics, Critical Ecology

    Main Adviser: Meghan Avolio

  • Jacob Shultis

    Jacob Shultis

    Research Interests:  Atmospheric Dynamics, Planetary Atmospheres

    Main Adviser: Darryn Waugh

  • Ali Siddiqui

    Ali Siddiqui

    Research Interests:  Physical oceanography; Climate dynamics; Idealized modeling

    Main Adviser: Thomas Haine

  • Jeremy Sotzen

    Jeremy Sotzen

    Research Interests:  Paleoclimate of Mars; Mars Polar Layered Deposits

    Main Adviser: Kevin Lewis

  • Madison Turner

    Madison Turner

    Main Adviser: Kevin Lewis

  • Amy Vasquez

    Amy Vasquez

    Main Adviser: Meghan Avolio

  • Chanud Yasanayake

    Chanud Yasanayake

    Main Adviser: Ben Zaitchik

  • Zixuan Ye

    Zixuan Ye

    Main Adviser: June Wicks

  • Eric Yee

    Eric Yee

    Research Interests:  Ecology, Urban Systems, Plant Biology/Systematics, Environmental Toxicology, Plant-Insect Interactions, Ecological Evolutionary Dynamics, Photosynthesis, Plant Phenology/Life History

    Main Adviser: Meghan Avolio

  • Ian Yesilonis

    Ian Yesilonis

    Main Adviser: Kathy Szlavecz

  • Leone Yisrael

    Leone Yisrael

  • Yifan Zhou

    Yifan Zhou

    Main Adviser: Ben Zaitchik