Thomas Haine

Morton K. Blaustein Chair and Professor

329 & 343 Olin Hall
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Thomas Haine’s research interests are in ocean circulation and dynamics, and the ocean’s role in climate. He is involved in improving estimates of the geophysical state of the ocean circulation through analysis of field data and circulation model results. Haine is particularly interested in the high latitude oceans, including the subpolar North Atlantic, Arctic, and Southern Oceans. He studies watermass ventilation processes (rates, pathways, variability, and mechanisms). He also investigate key physical processes that maintain the state of the extra-tropical upper ocean focusing on fluid dynamics and thermodynamics and their role in controlling sea surface temperature variability over years to decades.

Haine’s current research includes work on tracers and transport diagnostics; Arctic/Subarctic freshwater dynamics; geophysical fluid dynamics; fundamental ideas in climate sensitivity; and biophysical controls on CDOM (colored dissolved organic material).

He joined Johns Hopkins in 2000.

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