We seek excellent, motivated students from a variety of backgrounds. An undergraduate degree and/or professional experience in the earth or planetary sciences is beneficial, but it is not a requirement for graduate admission to our department. We encourage applications from interested students with undergraduate degrees in any of the physical and biological sciences, mathematics, and engineering.

If you would like to join our department as a graduate student, please follow these few steps to apply for admission.

  1. Though not a requirement, we recommend that you directly contact the department faculty members whose research programs interest you.
  2. You must prepare a graduate student application to Johns Hopkins University. The application will be available Sept. 1.

For additional information, email Jenny Seat at Indicate in your email whether you are applying as a U.S. student or as a foreign student, and provide a full postal address where an application may be mailed. Note that the application deadline is January 1 to be considered for matriculation in the fall semester.

Applicants’ files are maintained by the department, and admission decisions are made by departmental faculty committees. Inquiries regarding the status of an application should be made directly to Jenny Seat at