Graduate Student Awards

Graduate Student Awards

The Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences is pleased to announce the competition for Graduate Student Awards. The awards are supported by the Bascom Fund and the Department. They provide financial support to graduate students who are performing research in any department field of interest. Two prizes will be awarded on an annual basis to graduate students performing eligible research, to be decided by a committee of departmental faculty, appointed by the department chair. 

The criteria for the awards are:

  • The best published (or submitted) paper emerging from research performed as an E&PS graduate student during the current academic year (2022–2023). In particular, the committee will seek papers that demonstrate scientific growth by the student-author. Novelty and (likely) impact are also important.
  • Nominated students should be registered full-time for both semesters of the current academic year (2022–2023).

The prize is a discretionary research fund of $2,000 that can be used to reimburse eligible expenses, such as work-related travel, books, and work-related equipment purchases during the subsequent summer and academic year, or (for recipients who are no longer JHU students) as an honorarium.

To be considered, students should identify a specific paper and submit an electronic copy of the paper to Alicia Boampong, Department Administrator ([email protected]) with the subject “Graduate Student Awards”. Multiple papers by the same student can be submitted, and it is hoped that all eligible papers are submitted to the competition. The deadline for submission this year is 31 May 2023.