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Two graduate students receive FINESST grants from NASA

Congratulations to EPS graduate students Tyler Perez and Mayuri Sadhasivan, who have received Future Investigators in NASA Earth and Space Science and Technology (FINESST) grants from NASA! Tyler’s project focuses […]

Research by Prof. Maya Gomes featured in JHU HUB

The findings of the study, co-led by a Maya Gomes and published in Science Advances, offers rare optimism for the fate of microbial ecosystems as climate change alters the global pattern of intense storms.

Saving the Bay from Dead Zones

Sophomore Paul Gensbigler became fascinated with the connections between agricultural fertilizer runoff and the health of local waterways after taking an environmental class with Professor Anand Gnanadesikan. With the help of a Provost's Undergraduate Research Award, he is now working to help answer questions about the kinds of bacteria removing nitrogen from the Chesapeake Bay. Read more about their research in the Spring 2022 issue of Arts & Sciences Magazine.

Professor Ben Zaitchik awarded a JHU Discovery Award

Congratulations to Professor Ben Zaitchik for earning a JHU Discovery Award! These awards are given to interdisciplinary faculty teams solving complex problems and expanding the horizons of knowledge.

Creating a Link Between You and the Universe

Creating a Link Between You and the Universe
For the most part, scientists have reached a point of consensus about climate change, so planetary scientist and fifth-year doctoral student Regupathi Angappan wondered why we still struggle to rally people around the issue. To that end, he's teaching a course blending introductory EPS concepts and empathy. Read about the course in the Spring 2022 issue of Arts & Sciences Magazine.

Professor Maya Gomes awarded a JHU Catalyst Award

Congratulations to Professor Maya Gomes for earning a JHU Catalyst Award! Honorees are selected on the basis of their accomplishments to date, creativity and originality, and academic impact